Fine Arts Training

Elementary School

Our first through sixth grades have music classes each week. In the younger elementary grades, children learn and practice the concepts of loud and soft, high and low; how to hold a steady beat; learn dynamic levels and note reading; how to identify different orchestral instruments; and they are also introduced to American folk songs and appropriate sacred songs through singing activities. As they progress, students also learn proper vocal technique and breathing; expand their knowledge of composers and their compositions; and eventually move from one-part to two-part to three-part singing.

At least once each year, the grade school students are involved in a school program which involves singing and some drama.

Beginning in the fifth grade, students are allowed to audition for the school band.

Instrumental lessons in piano, woodwind, and brass are also available for a nominal fee.

Junior High

Junior high students continue their music training, molding a philosophy of music that is Christ-honoring; learning a practical use of the music fundamentals such as common rhythms, sight-reading skills, ear training, and elements of music such as form and structure, use of melody, harmony, and tone color.

Seventh and eighth graders may take woodwind and brass lessons and may audition for our school band. Private piano instruction is also available.

Junior High students may also participate in the state-wide competition in many Fine Arts categories each year. Our students compete in a variety of art, music, speech, Bible, and academic categories.

High School

At this level, students have the opportunity to try out for our high school choir, usually made up of approximately sixty voices. This choir is involved in school programs and fine arts competitions at the state and national level.

Private piano instruction and instrument lessons continue, with most instrument lesson students being involved in our 35 member band.

A highlight of each school year is our state fine arts meet. Speech, drama, academic and music categories involve seventy different individual and group competitions. Every other year our high school students are afforded the opportunity to compete at the Bob Jones University Fine Arts/Preaching Festival.