Emily Starr


Emily Starr


6th Grade: Science and Math

7th-8th Grade: Earth Science and Discipleship

10th Grade: Biology

10th-12th Grade: Homeroom and Bible


  • Emily Graduated from Maranatha Baptist University. She graduated with a BS in Humanities Applied Science and is licensed in teaching English as a Second language.  She has 1 year of teaching experience.
  • Emily enjoys running, cooking, and the outdoors.
  • An interesting fact about Emily is that she grew up in a family of 12.

"As a teacher, it is my goal to support the parents in raising their children, and instructing them to become successful individuals, devoted believers, and model citizens. Everything I do as a teacher should be in alignment with the parent's desire to see their child grow. I love that here at Community I have the opportunity to speak openly about my faith in Jesus, and can help guide my students into a knowledge of our Lord and savior. With my love of Science, I hope to instill an 'awe of creation' into my students. This in turn ALWAYS leads them to an awe of our Creator." - Emily Starr

Contact information: estarr@communitybaptist.com