Daniel Abreu



Bible - 7th-8th Grade

Spanish - 2nd-12th Grade

Consumer Math - Highschool

Physical Science - 9th Grade

Chemistry- 11-12th Grade

  • Daniel Abreu graduated from Pensecola Christian College with a degree in Pre-Med. 
  • Daniel is from Tampa, Florida.

Bible - "My purpose is to give each student a deeper understanding and appreciation of Scripture by studying the life of Jesus Christ."

Elementary Spanish - "My purpose is to introduce the basics of Spanish in order to lay a foundation for future study of the language.

Consumer Math - "My purpose is to help senior high students prepare to handle their finances and personal money management as they enter adulthood; emphasis on practical application of mathamatice."

Physical Science - "My purpose is to lay down a solid foundation in science for proper understanding of later classes such as chemistry, physics, and biology.

Spanish I - "My goal is to give students an introduction to basic Spanish concepts with the main focuses being on vocabulary and simple grammar rules that will lead to basic conversational abilities."

Chemistry - "The purpose is to leard basic, general chemistry concepts that will give a solid foundation to students desiring to pursue further chemistry courses in the future."